Eat at Sweet T's Kitchen

We are here to serve all of your cuisine needs. Sweet T's is your only choice of fine dining on a dime.


Sweet Tee’s kitchen is a home based professional cooking and catering service. My mission is to provide a healthy comfort food to families who are busy with their everyday schedules. Let us be your personal meal provider. Place you order now. Please call us 708 927-6963

A young lady from the South Suburbs with all the good remedies of good cooking . “Cooking was passed down in my family from  generation to generation, from my grandmother to my mom to me” Just a great place to eat. We believe here at Sweet Tee’s kitchen that the seasoning and spice is only 30% of a excellent meal the other 70% is love.

When people eat at Sweet Tee’s kitchen, I want my food to speak for itself.

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